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The VJ Film House


V J Film House, headquartered in Kochi, operates as a film production company. It has a subsidiary, the V J Film House School of Cinema, dedicated to providing high-quality educational services in the field of filmmaking to the general public. Presently, there are two schools located in Kerala, one in Kochi and another in Kozhikode.

The V J Film House School of Cinema holds recognition from the central government and awards National Skill Development Certificates to students who successfully complete their courses. The institution's objective is to prepare students to excel as filmmakers, actors, and skilled technicians across various cinema disciplines. The curriculum, guided by experienced film professionals, is designed to shape students into future industry leaders.

Recognizing the escalating costs of film courses, the V J Film House School of Cinema distinguishes itself as an institution for the common people. The fees are affordably discounted, ensuring accessibility for everyone, without compromising on the content and quality of the offered courses. The ultimate goal is to nurture the next generation of leaders in the entertainment industry.

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